36.6 Million Data Files Breached in India Past Year, Says Gemalto

Nearly 36.6 million data registers were compromised in India last year in 33 data breaches, a 14 percent rise as evaluated to 2015, a new report said on Monday. According to global digital security firm Gemalto’s ‘Breach Level Index,’ identity theft and unauthorized entrance to financial data were the first types of data breaches, accounting for 73 percent of all data robbery. More recently, State Bank of India expects no nasty surprises on bad loans following the merging of five subordinate banks with itself at the weekend in a contract which helps in cost savings and gain scale.

Chief Technology Officer and vice president for statistics fortification at Gemalto in a statement, Jason Hart said, “The ‘Breach Level Index’ sights four major cyber-criminal flows over the past year. Hackers are casting a wider net and are using easily-attainable account and identity information as a starting point for high-value targets.”


Highlighted the risk wainscoted by the banking sector in India and accordingly led to the establishment of a formal Computer Emergency retort Team for the financial sector

The ‘Breach Level Index‘ is a universal database that tracks data breaches and measures their severity stationed on multiple dimensions. Hart added, “Fraudsters are shifting from attacks targeted at financial organizations to infiltrating large databases such as entertainment and social media sites.” Around industries, the technology sector had the bulkiest increase in data breaches in 2016.

The healthcare industry accounted for 28 percent of data breaches, rising 11 percent compared to 2015. Hart mentioned, “Knowing accurately where their data resides and who had access to it will help enterprises outline security strategies based on data groups that make the most sense for their organizations.”

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“Encryption and authentication are no superior ‘best practices’ but necessities,” he added. Among the top 10 beaches, 34 million Keralites were simulated by the massive data leak of sensitive evidence such as income, name, and date of birth, the report said.

The State Bank of India (SBI) blocked millions of its debit cards as a precautionary step after some suspicious transactions were reported, in 2016. Highlighted the risk wainscoted by the banking sector in India and accordingly led to the establishment of a formal Computer Emergency retort Team for the financial sector (CERT-Fin). Additionally, Yahoo recited two major data breaches involving 1.5 billion user accounts.


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