Amazon Refreshes Its Tablet which Drops the Price of Fire HD 8

Amazon Refreshes Its Tablet that drops the price of Fire HD 8 by $10, and the upgrade model that will be available on next month for $80. The company also announced a new version of 7 inch Fire tablet, which is available for $50 on its price tag. And it is also going to introduce its two new version of its tablet for children. At $100 it is the updated of Fire 7 Kids Edition and the brand new Fire HD 8 Kids Edition on $130, and a limited promotion that will slice 20 percent discount for the person who buys at least 3 Fire devices at once.

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The price that cut by Amazon and the other manufacturers try to settle on the right price for a tablet. Apple that recently dropped the price of its iPad is cheap of $330,  considerably beyond that what Amazon is offering in an acknowledgment that the peoples are not eager to update their tablets as people they using their smartphones.

Amazon Refreshes Its Tablet

Amazon Refreshes Its Tablet has cut the price of Fire HD 8 by $10

Amazon also appears to know that you are not sure that if you can support for buying a new tablet. It is trying to make them cheaper enough that if you not care.

The tablets have become as the tricky product for the gadgets makers to address, the energy for this device that remains to be cool. If an industry plagued by its growth, the tablets have been a major dark spot; we came to know by the analysis firm IDC recently that they are reporting the sales of the tablets currently down by 8.5 percent from the same time in 2016.

The tablets show the incredible growth between the year of 2010 and 2013, and it fills the needs of that device, and it is also portable like smartphones, but it is still the bit more powerful. But nowadays large screened smartphones are swelled in sales of detachable laptop essentially, now the tablets are available with a keyboard, and they are growing, and they have many of the same selling points as tablets. For the customer, they are looking for something which is more efficient to watch the video, shopping and for reading while watching TV; now there are many versatile options are available here.

“Shipments of Amazon tablets are currently down 8 percent from the same time last year”-IDC

So don’t worry, Gadgets are valuable for Amazon because they make things much easier for peoples to buy things for them from the company. The independent analysts estimate that the Kindle tablet and e-reader owners spend considerably more than non-Kindle owners on Amazon. Com is up to 30 percent more, according to the report from the Consumer Intelligence Research Group.

Even if the growth reduced, IDC says that the Strategy of Amazon is dropping its prices to selling its tablets so what’s that is keeping it in the fight for the top selling tablet manufacturers in the world. IDC analysts said in the statement,

“Regardless of the changing industry dynamics, Amazon seems to be poised to remain a contender given its market strategy,”

Tablets are also given the to the company the way to get its newest software in front of consumers. Alexa is the  Amazon’s voice assistant, is available on both the new and cheaper high-end tablet and Amazon’s low-cost Fire. The Fire 7 also owns a thinner and lighter design, eight hours of battery life and enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity. It began with 8GB of storage that can also expand to 256GB by using microSD card; here the 16GB model is also available. The Fire 8 HD has 12 hours of battery life and either 16GB or 32GB of storage that can also increase to 256GB.

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The children tablets do not have Alexa, but both develop with a year’s support to Amazon’s parental control software, FreeTime Unlimited. The smaller tablet has its 16GB of expandable storage, and it has 8 hours of battery life. The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition has 32GB of expandable storage and ensures 12 hours of battery life.

The new tablets will ship from June 7 onwards, Amazon said. The company did not say how long the 20 percent increase would last.

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