Top 10 Best Free Android Apps Of The Year 2016

Smartphone rules us now, and most of us opt for the Android versions due to its simplicity. Though there are lots of platforms available, Android works the best. Play Store has a huge collection of applications which may fall under various categories.  The applications developed are higher in number for the Android phones when compared to other platforms due to its sophisticated design. Anyone who has a smartphone with Android support feels the advantage now. We are reaching the end of the year, and it’s our time for us to provide you with the Top 10 Best Free Android Apps Of The Year 2016.

Top 10 Best Free Android Apps Of The Year 2016:

There were thousands of application available in the Play Store and here is the list of the top 10 best free Android apps of the year. There are numerous advantages available when an Android user chooses the free application from the Play Store. You need not worry to pick the best among the thousands of available apps rather try out from the list of apps from here.

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1. ES File Explorer File Manager

Any Android phone requires a file manager application. ES File Explorer File Manager is the best of all file manager available for Android platforms. It is a free app to connect with anyone and anything with numerous features inbuilt within. Manage your data efficiently and more with ES File Explorer. Features include the transfer of files without cables or data connection, built-in viewers and players, remote file access via cloud storage, cut, copy, paste, rename or delete files quickly. Also, library manager such as App Manager, SD Card Analyst, Cache Cleaner, Memory uses to know your apps better and more file managing options available in the ES File Explorer.

Best Free Android Apps

ES File Explorer File Manager

2. Inbox By Gmail

Although there were lots of development has taken place with social media, there is still a place for Gmail. Inbox by Gmail is free to use mail organising application. Now an Android user need not stress much whenever you get into the email inbox. Inbox by Gmail works to organise you mail inbox such that helping with things that matter you. Know the important information without opening the message with Highlight option. Add reminders to your inbox to get back to the things with Remainder option. Emails and remainders could be Snoozed until you are ready to deal with it. Works with Gmail as this app is built by Gmail team hence offering you with reliability and spam protection with all your emails still in Gmail.

Best Free Android Apps

Inbox by Gmail

3. Pocket

All of us look into a lot of information on the web. Now managing the reading list of articles will no more be a complex task. Pocket, earlier known as Read It Later app allows the Android user to save the article from the internet to remote servers. Thus enabling you to read at any point later even in offline. The pocket app is a place to save, discover and recommend the most curious and valuable information from the internet. Pocket provides you with a beautiful reading experience. Highlighted features of Pocket app include the Unlimited storage, organise quickly with Tags and listen to the article with Text-to-Speech.

Best Free Android Apps


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4. WhatsApp Messenger

It is indeed for any Android phone to have a social messaging application. Whatsapp is one such free messaging application that works with an internet connection. Connect with your loved ones from anywhere in the world with Whatsapp. The app provides options like unlimited texting, audio and video calling option, multimedia files sharing like photos, videos, audio and documents. It also allows you to share contacts, location sharing and more. Stay connected with all your contacts at anytime from anywhere with Whatsapp.

Best Free Android Apps

WhatsApp Messenger

5. VLC For Android

Searching for the best free media player application for your Android device? Then VLC For Android suits your needs. The player supports all video and audio formats. Browse files from the Media Library. Play and pause, skip forward and backwards the while the video is running. The app provides multiple subtitles and gestures support. VLC for Android is an ad-free version of the application that makes you entertain throughout.

Best Free Android Apps

VLC For Android

6. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

There are plenty of photo editor app available for Android platforms. Pixlr formerly called as Pixler Express is beyond an editor. Add effects to all your photos with Pixlr app. Create photo collages with different layouts, style your picture and selfies. The user can focus on with Colour Splash, add masks and captions. Pixlr also allows you to resize and edit photos. Updated with History brush (eraser) and performance of editing is increased with Double exposure. So share your beautiful photos with your friends with social media and enjoy editing.

Best Free Android Apps

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

7. Asana-Team Tasks & Projects

Looking for the best team tasker application for your Android? Then Asana is all you required to perform any tasks as a team. It is a web-based software app designed to improve the collaboration between the team and its members. With Asana, each team can create a workspace that contains projects. The project, in turn, includes tasks with which the user can add notes, comments, tags and attachments. Communicate and track all your work easily with Asana app.

Best Free Android Apps

Asana-Team Tasks & Projects

8. Forest-Stay Focused

Have you ever been noticed how much you have addicted to your Android? If so then know exactly how much your addiction towards your phone is with Forest app. Beat your phone addition with an attractive solution. Plant a seed in the forest and the seed will grow into a tree and a forest later. Track your history, earn rewards and unlock more tree species. But for all these to happen, you have to stay away from phone else your forest will vanish. It is a cool app that keeps you self-motivated and stays focused on doing things without our phone.

Best Free Android Apps

Forest-Stay Focused

9. Shake-it Alarm

I am sure all of us would face a strange, annoying moment when the alarm rings early morning. Shake-it Alarm is an excellent alarm application that will make your mornings fruitful and beautiful. You could turn off the alarm with a shake or scream or with the touch. You never want to hear the same alarm tone anymore. Choose your alarm sound or let your lovely one wakes you up every morning. Specify a friend and the app sends a text to that friend to wake you up. You could even know the weather and news of the day with this app. Sounds good? So wake up with a smile on the face every morning with Shake-it Alarm.

Best Free Android Apps

Shake-it Alarm

10. VoLT – Vocabulary Learning

Improvise your vocabulary and remember difficult words easily with VoLT (Vocabulary Learning Techniques)-a vocabulary learning application. Anyone who wants to know more of English words or those who are preparing for competitive exams can remember all the difficult English words along with its meaning with VoLT. It is a fact that visual stay in mind quickly. The app functions with this fact to help people remember words. It uses things from real life may be a story, a joke or a photo with which one can easily relate the word and the meaning. You could find the word usage, synonyms and antonyms.

Best Free Android Apps

VoLT – Vocabulary Learning

So it’s your time to use all the apps to know its features. Hope the article about the Best Free Android Apps 2016 is useful to you.

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