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Mukesh Bansal co-founder of announced the launch of a new integrated healthcare app that takes care of your health care and fitness in multiple aspects. this new health care app for a smartphone can take care of regular diet, exercise regime and your also daily stress. This new app is available for both Android and ios users. This app helps to lead a healthy life by providing three crucial dimensions for the users they are namely,, this is focused on the physical fitness of the users. The nest is, it guides the users to add healthy and nutritive food in their regular diets. And the last one is, which helps the users to overcome daily stress and helps in mind wellness. said in a statement that it can provide the users with proper and good assistance to the users that are scientifically tested, it gives the users with assistance that helps them to think, eat, sleep and work out better.

Mukesh Bansal co-founder of

Mukesh Bansal co-founder of is founded by Bansal and Ankit nagori, it helps in the healthy lifestyle, fitness, regular workout techniques for the users, food and mental well-being of the users. “There comes an opportunity to build next generation health platform to service hundreds of millions of Indians who cannot be serviced through traditional channels,” said Mukesh Bansal co-founder of in a statement. He also added that in India, ¬†health industry will be $500 billion industry by 2025.

In order build a long term good health, we are in a plan of approaching new ideas and methods to approach one stop shop for all their health needs. And that helps the users to gain a long-term good health in a one stop shop.

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The users of app are trained by the celebrity trainer Shwetambari Shetty enjoying Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fitness workouts with him. By Physiatrist Shyam Bhat, the users are guided with different techniques of meditations that help the users to relax. The app also provides the users with different nutritive recipes for a healthy diet.

Mukesh Bansal, centers co-founder of also said that the users can book fitness classes centers and they can also order healthy Fusion and Indian foods at the Cult centres at Bengaluru. Or the users can simply use the app and get guided by Shwetambari Shetty celebrity trainer and Shyam Bhat Physiatrist to maintain their fitness by regular workouts and diets and to have a healthy lifestyle.

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