Explore The World With 5 Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality is now the trend. The apps developed are in numbers in the market. One could explore the world to unlock the hidden knowledge and virtual monsters around with the AR. The apps developed made the users get addicted to it thus indulging us into the virtual reality. The best five apps from the virtual world are chosen and let out for you. Look into the gaming and other augmented apps.

Augumented reality app

Augmented Reality App, the Future

1. Pokemon Go

Last season it was much evident that many were in search of something on the streets. Almost after the launch of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality app made all the users stay on streets for the search of Pokemon’s. It is a location-based virtual app that let the users search for the Pokemon’s on the famous places. A 45 million players downloaded the app and are still wandering for the hunt. The app aims you to catch the 151 monsters all around along with the learning facts about your local landmarks. It works on iOS and Android for free + in-app purchase.

Augumented reality app

Pokemon Go App

2. Field Trip

Need a great place to eat, shop and have fun? Then Field Trip would help you out. It is a travel discovery app that guides you to the hidden world around you. It runs in the background, and if you get close to those exotic places, the apps pop up you with the card with the details about that location. The augmented app even read you the information with Bluetooth headset connected. Free to use app that is available for iOS and Android.Augmented reality app

3. Spyglass

How about looking at sharp object? With all our small eyes, however, it seems quite difficult. But Spyglass allows you to look at the distinct objects closer. The app is a mixture of binoculars and telescope. The words sound old, but the app lets you see the images clearly. Use the camera to locate stars and constellations. Become an expert observer with Spyglass. Let your smartphone acts as a compass, sextant, star tracker, gyrocompass and more. Explore your kind of world with Spyglass augmented reality app. Works in iOS for $3.99.

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Augumented reality app

Spyglass App

4. Zombies, Run!

Don’t wait! The Zombies are around! Yes, run to save your life from Zombies, Run app. They are all around, and the only way to save yourself is to run real. Step out with 2 million users with Zombies, Run app. Unlock all the 200+ story missions immediately for unlimited play. Get an Interval Training and Airdrop Mode even with the app. Pro version is available for $2.99 per month and $19.99 per year. It is a free + in-app purchase available for iOS and Android.

Augumented reality app

Zombies, Run App

5. Google Translate

Languages differ from the region. Anyone who loves travelling would enjoy the trip but not of course with the tongue. Often one could feel the difficulty even with the street signs. Need not feel disguised, you have got Google Translate app ready. Put your camera on the text, highlight the words or take a photo. Tap to translate into 103 different languages. The app can translate even in offline with 52 languages. Google Translate is a free augmented app available for iOS and Android.

Augumented reality app

Google Translate App

So try out these augmented reality apps, the future next and give yourself a changeover for the new year.

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