Facebook Messenger End-to-End Encryption is now available named "Secret Conversation"

Facebook messenger End-to-End Encryption

Every user is looking for some privacy concern in their messaging services. Upon which the Facebook had come to a conclusion to launch End-to-End Encryption in their messenger app. The company is now working and testing their reliability and also binding more power to their service. This feature is now available for a particular user and planning to release for every Facebook Messenger user. Enjoy using Facebook messenger End-to-End Encryption service to protect your conversation.

End-to-End Encryption in Facebook messenger is long awaiting feature expecting for their privacy concern between the user. After enabling this secret conversation, only the senderĀ and receiver can read the messages. No one can read their encrypted messages; even the Facebook has no access to their private talks. The user messages are completely protected and secured.

Facebook messenger End-to-End Encryption


  • End-to-End Encryption is enabled.
  • Available for an only particular user.
  • Expected to launch officially for every Facebook Messenger by this year end.


Manually enable this feature in messenger app where this feature is not available by default. According to the user need, customise your setting in Facebook messenger. The company also allows a user to determine the time limit of their conversation need to be visible. But this is a significant threat to the world where some criminals and terrorist may misuse them and make use of it. Enabling this secret conversation may not allow even Facebook to read the text of their user which is a significant advantage to the frauds. They may use this service against the law. Under discussion, Facebook is now working on the process to take action against their criminals and terrorist.

At first, Whatsapp had applied this service, and now Whatsapp owned Facebook used the same technology in their messenger app.

Enjoy using this End-to-End Encryption service in your Facebook messenger and protect your conversation. After enabling this service, no one can access or read your discussion.

By this year end, every Facebook user can use this End-to-End Encryption service in their messenger app. Facebook guaranteed their launch by the year end or the starting week of next year.

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