How to get Free Virtual Phone Number

 What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual Phone Number

Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone which is a telephone number that is programmed to forward incoming calls to a pre-defined phone. The Number can be anything from Fixed, Mobile or VoIP(Voice Over IP).

It can be set accordingly, e.g., If a person living in China need to forward the calls from home to his WorkPlace during Weekdays and in Weekends he could set it to his Mobile,  Day and location can be used to influence the type of call forwarding. These called as Follow-Me Numbers.

Some of its Applications:

  1. Business
  2. Individuals
  3. Marketing
  4. Virtual Phone Services

List of Virtual Phone Number Providers :

Virtualphoneline – It is a call forwarding service provider company which enables you to receive calls anywhere in the world.They are reliable On Cellphone,  IAX2, MSN, SIP, Skype, Google Talk, etc, with a unique geographical number is given to you after sign-up. Developed by  Super Technologies.Virtual Phone Number – A directory for providing you with the best country code and all the details need for communicating with the country. It is helping to equip knowledge by spreading resources to the person using it.

Worldsim – If you are an international traveller then the company provides a wide range of solutions for International Data Roaming. Distinctive Travel products and virtual number without sky-high pricing.Virtual Phone Number

Bitrix24 – Bitrix 24 which provides around the clock service also evolving to a greater height by providing Online storage including to Virtual Phone number.Virtual Phone Number

TextMagic – It is an SMS company for sending and receiving text messages online which helps in improving businesses through communications and mobile marketingVirtual Phone Number

VoIP – The term “Voice over IP” were VOIP, which is the pioneer in providing such service to the masses. It works by redirecting all the Business calls to the Cloud PBX then onto the phone. Virtual Phone Number

Vonage – Vonage is also a “Voice over IP” company which covers the functionality of VoIP but the cost price for using the service is very much cheap. Its International calling is unlimited through any provider.Virtual Phone Number

Spikko – An android app that lets you enjoy calls up to 50 countries with a click which also includes recordings of calls, Sms and voicemails.Virtual Phone NumberMany would be searching for Free Virtual Phone Numbers. From my research, there isn’t any company providing such plans. So the above listed are the top ones in the market currently.

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