Free Wi-Fi to 1000 Villages in India

The Government of India announced new plans of free Wi-Fi in 1000 villages to boost the Digital India initiative through internet access. The major tech companies like Google and Facebook have been puzzling how to provide online facilities to the unconnected hundreds, and millions of people in rural India and the government of India themselves came forward and took its effort to provide free Wi-Fi to 1000 villages in India. The actual number of villages to be chosen will be more than 1000. Though it is not entirely clear as of how the appointed officers will select the villages, there will be no doubt that the government has taken a huge step to bring the next billion online.

Free Wifi to 1000 Villages

Free Wifi to 1000 Villages

As per the idea drew by the government, the Hotspot towers will be planted at significant locations across the country to provide Internet access to the nearby villages. Through this project, each village will get own Wi-Fi hotspot, and the villagers can use the internet on their mobile phones by the Special towers mounted. The fiber optic cables will be put across the length and breadth of the country by the government. This project will be executed in the next six months.

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The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology official person, Aruna Sundararajan in an interview to the CNN, stated that the program aims to provide basic internet services and development services to the rural areas using digital technology.

Google has provided free Wi-Fi connections in the country across several railway stations in an interest of providing free internet access to the unconnected population of India. The net neutrality of Facebook’s Free Basic project of the day has not light up the debate among people. The project has received a¬†lot of attention from telecommunication operators and other tech giants.

Last year November after demonetisation announced the government of India encouraged the digital economy. Right now the priority is given to the rural peoples by the government to encourage digital economy among them. If the government properly educate the general people about the things that can be achieved with the internet access means, then this will bring a significant change in the mere future.

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