Google Launches ‘Internet Saathi’ now in 100,000 Indian Villages

On Wednesday, Google India Launches Internet Saathi program for Women. It is a digital literacy initiative aimed at empowering women in rural India. It had reached 100,000 villages in the country. It had launched as a pilot in Rajasthan in July 2015 along with Tata Trusts.

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In the same year, the Google announced plans to scale the program to cover 300,000 villages across India in December. Sapna Chadha, a Marketing Director, South East Asia at Google in India, stated

“From being afraid to touch a smartphone, worried that they will spoil it, to now demanding services that can help them get more from the Internet — women in rural India have come a long way,” 

Google India Launches 'Internet Saathi' program for Women

Google India Launches ‘Internet Saathi’ program for Women

she also said that in its two-year journey, the initiative has continued to gain momentum and is today live in 10 states in India, by saying

“We are delighted with the progress we have made with the ‘Internet Saathi’ model and it is remarkable to see the passion of these women learning about the Internet,”

In these rural areas, nearly 25,000 fully-trainedGoogle Internet Saathis are working every day to help women and children learn about the internet. In total, over 10 million women have obtained from the program so far and have become familiar with the advantages of using the Internet in their daily lives.

Further, on the second-year anniversary of the program, Google also announced the expansion of the program in two new states such as Bihar and Haryana.

Nearly 25,000 fully-trained 'Internet Saathis' are working every day to help women and children learn about the internet.

Nearly 25,000 fully-trained ‘Internet Saathis’ are working every day to help women and children learn about the internet.

“In Haryana, the initiative has already begun to roll out and will be covering nearly 1,000 villages, and in Bihar, the program has beaten off from Ramnagar, Bagaha, Manjha, Lauria, and Chakai villages.

we will be covering nearly 7,000 villages extending it further later in the year,” the company said in a statement.

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