Google Lens Directly Makes Your Phone Super Smart

In Google, I/O developers conference, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced the new technology called as Google Lens. The idea of the product is to support for Google’s computer vision, and with AI technology it helps to bring Smarts directly to your phone’s camera. According to the company explanation, the cameras in the smartphone won’t see that what you see, but it will also understand that what you see and it will help for your action. During the time of the demo, Google showed that how you want to place your camera at sometimes and the lens would tell you what it is. It can identify the flower and then you are preparing for the shoot.In an example, Mr. Sundar Pichai showed that how the Lens can do an everyday task and it connects you to your home WiFi network by snapping a photo of the sticker on the router.

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Google Lens

Google Lens will let smartphone cameras understand what they see and take action

In that situation, Google Lens can identify that it is searching for the network’s name and password, and it will provide you an option to tap a button and helps to connect automatically.

He showed another example as well if you take a snap in front of the business store, the Google Lens can Show the name of the Store, the rating and the other business listing information about that store it will display on the card that appears over the photo.

The technology that changes the camera from its passive tool that it helps you to capture the world around you to one that’s allowing you to interact with your camera and what is in your camera viewfinder.

At the time of Google Home demonstration, the company explained that the Lens would integrate into Google Assistant. With the new button in the Assistant app, the user can be able to launch Lens, and it will insert a photo into the conversation with the help of Assistant, wherever it can process the data that the picture contains.

Google Lens

Google’s Scott Huffman holds the camera up, and he showed the entrance of Stone Foxes

It indicates that how it works, Google’s Scott Huffman holds the camera up and he showed the entrance of  Stone Foxes shown in Google  Assistant pulls up info on ticket sales. The integration of the Lens into Assistant that can also help for translation.

Huffman give the demonstration for the auto Translation, he showed the camera on the Japanese sign, and he tapped the Lens icon, and he said what does this say Google Assistant translated the text.

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With all these things Pichai has shown how the Google’s algorithm could also clean up and enhance the photo, for example, if you are the picture of your son’s baseball game through the fence the Google will remove the Fence and show the clear photo automatically.

The company didn’t publish when Google Lens is available; they are only saying that it’s arriving “soon.”

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