Google Search now converts RGB to Hex color values

Gooogle is very powerful yet humble search engine that provides us plenty of tools on its own. It saves a bunch of user’s time by providing the tool directly, without having to visit a separate site. Now Google Search has come up with a new RGB and Hex converter. With no doubt, this is going to be the most useful tool for graphic designers, ever provided by Google.

RGB and Hex Color values

RGB to Hex Color values

The computer understands a color with one of the two representations RGB and Hex. It has a simple color picker that lets you drag along any colour and find its corresponding color data. For instance, the deep sky blue will be denoted as RGB(0, 191, 255) and Hex #00bfff. The tool works for only query RCB to Hex and not even for any related search. Additionally, you can toggle down ‘Show color values’ to get more details of the color like HSV, HSL and CMYK. Hence no longer we have to use photoshop to find the color value.

Having said this, these are some of the Google’s popular tools, Convert unitsCalculate tipPublic transportation guideFind your IP address and more.

RGB and Hex Color values

RGB to Hex Color values

Google Rolls out this feature for both the desktop users as well as Google App users. Just type RGB to HEX in your search box and give this feature a try.

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