How to Restart a Computer | Tips and Tricks

When your computer fails to respond to keyboard and mouse commands, then it gets a frozen state. To Restart a locked-up computer, just try pressing special key combinations. If fails to shut down a locked-up computer, then have to press the power button. Sometimes the user can get it to a screen asking to restart, but it comes back saying that a problem occurred during restart.

How to Restart Computer

How to Restart Computer

For this type of Problems, there are various methods to restart your computer,

Step 1: Press ‘Esc’ button twice. This action unusually works but give it a chance anyway.

Step 2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete together and choose Start Task Manager as you want for the application. Sometimes, the Task Manager resembles with the message that you discovered an unresponsive application.

How to Restart Computer

How to Restart Computer

Step 3: The Task Manager lists the names of running programs which runs currently on screen, adding the one that’s not responding. Click the name of the program on the Application tab that’s letting the mess and then click the End Task button.

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Even else it doesn’t work, again try by pressing ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ and look for the little red button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Click the little arrow next to that button’s circle and click Shut Down from the menu that pops up on the screen.

Step 4: If the above steps don’t work, press the computer’s reset button. If the Turn Off Computer box arrives, just choose Restart. Some computers don’t even have reset buttons and anymore turn the computer off by pressing its power button.

How to Restart Computer

How to Restart Computer

Step 5: If reset button also doesn’t work, Just press the Turn Off the Computer menu and click Restart, the computer should restart within an hour.

Step 6: Just hold the computer’s power button long enough for about 4 to 5 seconds, the PC will finally stop suffering and turn off.

These are the methods that are available to restart a computer. For further queries and comments about How to Restart a Computer, please comment below.

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