iPhone Receiving A Malicious Text That Permanently Disables The Messaging Apps

iPhone Receiving A Malicious Text That Permanently Disables The Messaging Apps Followed By The Device Crash

iPhone users are likely to face another hectic period of getting struck by the malicious text message. This time the text message freezes the messaging applications on the device.

The text message comes with a large size contact attachment file sent via iCloud Driver that makes the messaging apps to freeze and crashes as soon as the receiver taps on the message to open.

However, one could fix up the problem by getting into the multitasking switch to kill the messaging app, but that would end up in failure with permanently disabling the messaging app. iPhone

The iPhone user will get into the white screen when tries to launch the messaging app again. Again after few seconds the home screen would get crashed.

The problem wasn’t fixed even by hardest reboot and would probably lead the user into vain.

The YouTuber vincedes13 found the new malicious text message and has uploaded a video that showcases the actual thing happens when the iPhone tries to open that contact file attachment.

The problem of phone crash is notably seen with iOS 9 to iOS 10.2.1 even with the latest beta.

The video shows all the exactly from thing upon receiving and opening the message attachment.

Once after the iPhone user tries to open the file, the messaging app refuses to open thus eventually freezing the application.

The keypad fails to work once after this and end up you with closing the app using multitasking page.

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For the next time, you try to open the app will show you a blank screen and nothing else, thus crashing your entire iPhone.

If this is to be the case, then you will no longer be going to send or receive messages at any later point.

Expected that Apple would fix up the issue sooner with an OTA update.

So make sure any iPhone users to get out of such malicious texts.

Ensure you do not open any unknown messages of massive size on your iMessages.

Earlier, bugs had made iPhone trigger a never-ending reboot which was fixed.

Similarly, a malicious link on Safari caused an iPhone crash this year.

Lately, a malicious video link also caused the crash of iPhone. Off no late, Apple would fix up this new malicious text message crash with an update sooner.

Check out with the video to look at how the new malicious text works in crashing the device.

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