iPhone 8 May Feature A Dual-SIM Support Reveals Apple’s Patent Filing

Apple To Launch The Dual-SIM Feature In The Upcoming iPhone 8 series

The master of mobile maker Apple had already begun the process of iPhone8 development. Rumours started even before. On all its release the company would fetch the greatest credits regarding design and profit. Lots of expectations arise all the time before any of the Apple iPhone series gets launched. Apple enters the decade with iPhone8 and expectations are lined-up. Similarly, with an iPhone8 launch, we could expect the phone with a dual-SIM card slot.

The demand for the dual-SIM phones increases day-by-day. Since its introduction with the Android platforms made people opt for dual slots. The reasons for this usage were in numbers, and of course, the advantage for any smartphone user deals with dual-SIMs. However, some high-end devices like iPhones have not made this feature available. As of now dual-SIM feature makes the trend and is the future. Thus Apple would join the market with such a feature.

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Apple has filed an application forum with the China’s State Intellectual Property Office for the patent. The forum reports say that the patent filed for the dual-SIM card slots. Apple applied it in early March 2016 and published in September 2016.

The patent talks about the system design, apparatus and antenna controlling access for multiple SIM’s. The functionality described is as, “Some mobile devices have the capability of using multiple SIM cards thus allowing the users to maintain variant wireless service for various purposes like for business and personal use”.

With dual-SIM as the future of mobile technologies, the company had started working towards it. So there occurs a high expectation for the launch of iPhone 8 in September 2017. We could obviously see a design change and other new features as the company celebrates its decade.

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So it is not hundred percentage sure whether Apple will develop the next model with dual functionality. Since patent filing doesn’t mean the dual-SIM slot will be present. Might be the company may change its idea at any point later or it may work for the new change over. Also to note that Apple would have got the approval for dual-SIM features phone to avail only in Asian markets since it is and will be the trend.

However, it is necessary for us to patiently wait for the official declaration by the Apple or till the final launch.

Other rumours about iPhone 8 new features includes the following:

  • A curved or edge-to-edge display.
  • A bigger screen aiming the removal of Home button.
  • An A11 processor.
  • Wireless charging thus keeping the phone over a pad to auto charge.
  • Screen variants include 4.7 inches of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus with 5.5 inches and iPhone 8 PlusĀ AMOLED display with 5.5 inches.

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