The legal challenge to Trump’s travel ban has been skipped by the Apple, Google, Facebook

Apple Inc, Google Inc, and Facebook Inc are among the 60 major technology companies backed away from the legal fight against the U.S President’s Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban. They decided not to put their weight behind the seeking of the Lawsuit to block the second version of Trump’s executive order.

Last Tuesday, a legal brief was filed in the federal court of Hawaii on behalf of Silicon Valley Companies which listed the support of 58 businesses that is less than half of 127 signatories to the same brief filed on last month in appeals court after Trump’s order of travel ban from some countries.

Airbnb Inc, Dropbox Inc, and Kickstarter are the companies who signed the brief. Major tech companies like Microsoft Corp, eBay Inc, Twitter Inc, and Intel Corp were signed on the earlier effort but not on this week. Despite losing the over support of such big companies the lawsuit of travel ban may succeed. On Wednesday, Derrick Watson U.S. District Court judge in Honolulu ordered an emergency halt to Donald Trump’s order to temporarily bar entry to the United States of refugees as well as travellers from six Muslim-majority countries. Yesterday, President Trump Set to Challenge the Obama-era Fuel standards in Detroit.

travel ban

Travel ban

President Trump said that the “Travel Ban” is essential for U.S National Security. Tech companies are mostly relying on the skilled workers from overseas, played a significant effort to halt the first vision of Trump’s executive order, which was put hold by a Seattle judge in early February.

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It was not clear why few of them signed on the “friend of the court” brief this time around. Rober Atkins, New York Lawyer, said that companies would have their opportunity to join this effort as it moves through the system of Court. Uber Technologies Inc was in the process of adding their name to this endeavour.

The file sharing service names Box Inc said that although it didn’t sign the brief, there had been no change to its position. A Twitter spokeswoman pointed out the past companies statements that oppose the Trump’s travel ban in January but declined to comment further. The Representatives of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel and Netflix have not responded immediately to the requests for comment.

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