Cshare Apk for Android Free Download

Cshare Apk for Android: CShare apk is an another cool new file transfer app in the list shareit apk, xender apk, zapya apk that enables you to transfer any applications, music, videos and pictures between different phones. CShare Apk for Android is ten times faster than 3G and 30 times faster than normal Bluetooth. Another most important new to know about CShare Apk is the file sharing feature is totally free-of-cost. Downloading CShare Apk in your mobile phone will bring you a whole new experience to share files between phones.

Cshare Apk for Android

CShare Apk will help you to send or receive music, photos, videos, applications and games with the network of CShare. CShare Apk is a zero charge tool. Download CShare Apk now.

CShare Apk for Android – Features:-

  • Get your device identified with just a click in CShare Apk and file sharing between devices.
  • CShare Apk is totally free of cost which transfers file between devices.
  • CShare Apk requires no sim, 2g/3g nor any wifi network; you don’t have to pay for network charges.
  • Devices using CShare Apk can wirelessly connect so that you can share it without any worries.
  • Sharing speed using CShare Apk is ten times faster than 3g and 30 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Transfer any applications or videos or music or pictures between two or more devices using CShare Apk.
  • CShare Apk is effective for up to 100m.
  • CShare Apk also supports group sharing, so that instantly share a party video’s, music album’s or photo to your friends at once.
  • You can share any files without network charges or wifi connection.
  • Using CShare Apk eliminates the need for cables so that you can wirelessly transfer information rapidly between two different phones.
  • Phones which have installed with CShare Apk will automatically find other CShare Apk’s when in range.
  • According to CShare Apk’s policy, they say that “Please share responsibly. Transfer of copyright files is at the discretion of the user.”
Cshare Apk for Android

Cshare Apk for Android

Download CShare Apk for Android:-

Tap the below link to download CShare Apk for Android.

Download CShare Apk for Android

Download CShare Apk for Android

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More to know about CShare Apk for Android:-

CShare Apk for Android is a dazzling application developed by mobogenie for users which allows users to transfer, send and share various files despite taking consideration about the file format chosen for send and receiving. CShare Apk gives users an entirely new way of connecting phones and making people feel the speed present. The speed offered in CShare Apk and present for users is many times faster than the normal speed present in Bluetooth and other than the medium.

Cshare Apk for Android

Cshare Apk for Android

The application CShare Apk is a must use and it can be used if you are unsatisfied with the speed of transfer and sharing of your Bluetooth medium. Apart from the various other applications present with the same features and offerings, CShare Apk is the most capable one and has the creditability of standing on your expectations. Download CShare Apk now.

CShare Apk for Android – Screenshots:-

Cshare Apk for Android

Cshare Apk for Android

Cshare Apk for Android

Cshare Apk for Android

If you have any doubts about CShare Apk for Android, please comment below.

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