New Mobile Game Promises to Send One Selected User to Space

New Mobile Game Promises to Send One Selected User to Space

Finnish Company Cohu Entertainment’s Space Nation Astronaut Program has raised EUR 2.2 in just two days, and the mobile game is started using crowdfunding. Later when the game comes out, one selected user of the game will be sent to space by the company.

In the Space Nation Astronaut Program mobile game, people will be trained by using actual astronaut training methods and would require them to “take part in real world adventures” and climb the top of the leaderboards.

Three kinds of challenges are present in the mobile app such as Body, Mind, and Social.

Upcoming New Mobile Game

The new mobile game promised to send one selected user to space every year, and real astronaut training will be given to the users

In the company’s website it is said that “To collect the points, you need to perform challenges that would develop your physical, intellectual, and social skills. The best candidates from the app would enter a filmed astronaut training competition, and every year we would select at least one to travel to space.”

The top 100 players from the mobile game will be chosen for real astronaut training. And also they will get the invitation to a two-week astronaut training boot camp early next year. From them, 12 players will be selected and will feature in an interview film series, where they would be able to participate through the gameplay.

Finally, one player among them will be chosen as the winner and will be sent to space.

Finnish Company Cohu Entertainment aims to raise up to EUR 4.9 million with the crowdfunding campaign. A per the report of V Space News, the company will get another 3 million from Finnish Innovation Fund Tekes on its success.

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Before the crowdfunding began, the company had reportedly raised EUR 1.7 million from outside investors in the countries like Finland, Germany, Estonia, and the US.

Interestingly, the company got a great start and was able to raise EUR 1 million in just 43 minutes through the crowdfunding campaign.

In a report, the co-founder Kalle Vaha-Jaakkola quoted that “We have always aimed high. When the first winner flies to space, we could say we were probably the only Finnish company who could call our galaxy its home market.”

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