New Smart Watch that can rotate in five directions

If you like Smart watches, there comes a new smart watch that can move in five directions.In the already challenging market for Smart watches here is the new smart watch that promises its users to show notifications anywhere anytime. This new smartwatch can rotate, translate, move, rise and orbit. If u love wearing a smartwatch on your wrist, you can go for this without any doubt as this smart watch acts very smart in every sense according to its name.

cito a new smart watch that can move in five directions

Cito a new smart watch that can move in five directions

When the wrist is facing away from the user, a Prototype called Cito can automatically rotate around the wristband to allow viewing by the user. If the user is playing a game, it also alerts the user by showing notification. To view the watch face, it allows joining a companion. It also helps in translating to show the watch face from under a shirt sleeve.

Xing-Dong Yang, Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire at U.S, said that “Users want smart watches that fits their needs and lifestyles.” And he also added that Cito prototype is a new wonderful innovation among other smart watches that allows the users to wear smart watches for even more great reasons.

This new smartwatch improves functionality and also it performs independently or combined addressing the limitations of the fixed- face watches. Other than these smart features, researcher’s said that this smart watch would also be helpful for users with physical disabilities and other impairments.

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Xing- Dong Yang, A Professor at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire at U.S, also said that If the smart watches are not convenient and if their needs are not fulfilled then users will question the need for smart watches. If the smart watches are not smart enough to fulfill the needs of the users, then there is no point in having smart watches. He also added that Cito is best among the other smart watches in the market and Cito has the potential to fulfill the needs and expectations of smart watch lovers. Xing-Dong Yang also said that Cito would be both functional and fun for the users.

Among the other usual smart watches in the market, Cito will be unique and will be surely exciting for the smart watch lovers. As Cito has a lot of new features and technologies will surely fulfill the needs of the wearer, and also it will be helpful for the physically disabled users and also for the users with other impairments.This new smartwatch will surely gain a good scope in the already existing market of smartwatches as it can move in five directions.

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