Pokemon No: Several Reasons to Save You from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has almost filled with the internet as you would have read enough Pokemon Go for your lifetime. This lead to the Pokemon No. Pokemon Go is the most downloaded app of the iTunes and the most witnessed app in less than 48 hours of its release. Pokemon was a monster that was created 20 years ago and landed in all areas such as comics, movies, television, etc. Pokemon Go has gone so viral beating  many social media giants such...

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Pokemon Game Adds $7.5 Billion To Nintendo Market Value In Two Days

Pokemon game has brought some huge revolution to the gaming industry. The new level of Pokemon attracts the people to download and play the game more vibrantly. The user can virtually play by throwing the balls to catch the Pokemon species around us and letting them to fight against our opponent. This is been so viral around the internet. It brings market-value gains to $7.5 billion in just two days as investors cheered the runaway...

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Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere Hits Xbox One and PC on Sept. 13

Now Play Anywhere with just one purchase including shared progress, achievements and game saves on Xbox One and PC with Xbox Play Anywhere. It’s great news for gamers about Microsoft bringing Xbox One and Windows PC together. Windows officially told the game blog Polygon that the games will hereafter run on both Xbox One and PC with the Windows 10 Anniversary update that hits on August 2. The games you buy will let you play on both...

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