Prisma Apk for Android – Beta Version for your Android Phone

Prisma Apk for Android has been officially released for the Android. It was Initially introduced for iOS. The Viral photo editor which took the internet by a storm which is now in Android also which is a Top Photo editor for more than 30+ countries.

Prisma Apk

Prisma Apk

Prisma App which isn’t currently available in Google Play Store but there is no doubt that the company will launch the app in the upcoming weeks.

Settings in Prisma Apk Beta Version:

A quick tip on how to use Prisma for Android,

  1. Take a new pic or from your phone and edit it with the awesome filters which are specially designed to produce Picasso-like Paintings with its High-end AI.
  2. Using the Settings, you can do the following, Save Original Photo, Save Artworks Automatically and Even you can Hide the Prisma Watermark.
  3. Share your pics directly on Instagram, Facebook and much more.

Screenshots from Prisma App Beta Android:

Here are some of the Screenshots from Prisma Apk Beta Version for Android:

Prisma Apk

Prisma Filters

Prisma Apk

Prisma Settings Page

Some of the Cool Pics taken using Prisma App

Features of Prisma Apk for Android:

Prisma App For Android has,

  • Prisma App Applies the filters to the Images.
  • Prisma App converts an image to a painting or Artwork.
  • The great artists like Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh touches artwork will be seen in your final Pic of Prisma App.
  • Prisma Apk filters even outsmart the Instagram filters with it AI and Neural networks.
  • Try all the available styles on Prisma App.

How to Download Prisma Apk for Android:

Follow this simple steps to Download Prisma App,

  1. Since you can enrol yourself for the beta on the Prisma Official by signing up.
  2. Try this Substitute way instead of waiting till you receive the invitation from the Prisma App.
  3. To Download Prisma Apk , Click here – Google Drive. Enjoy the Unlimited Fun.

Your feedback will help us give the best. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below after using the app. We will Update if there are any changes in Prisma for Ios and Android.

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