Raspberry Pi Launches Own-brand Pixel OS For PCs And MAC

Raspberry Pi Launches Pixel OS For PCs And MAC

The Raspberry Pi makers have released Pixel OS for the desktop versions. That means the regular desktops such as Mac and PC can run Pixel. The foundation said that the Pixel desktop had been re-worked such that allowing it to run on PCs and Mac machines. So people using Pixel OS on a Raspberry Pi and other devices will be getting the same experience. Pixel foundation has also mentioned that Pixel was released to produce the best desktop computing experience irrespective of the platforms.

Raspberry Pi Foundation had introduced Raspbian operating system and Pixel desktop environment in September 2016. A prototype is made available now for x86 computers which are used mostly by the users of Windows PC and Mac PC. Pixel is ready to download for x86 Windows and Mac PCs by burning into the DVD or writing to a USB drive.

Pixel OS

Raspberry Pi Pixel OS

All the features of the Pixel OS prototype will be same as the original however the desktop versions will lack the two programs called Minecraft and Wolfram Mathematica. It is not available for PCs and Mac since the foundation doesn’t have the license to offer both the software’s other than Raspberry Pi.

PIXEL is an abbreviation of Pi Improved Xwindows Environment. It is a desktop environment that is used with Raspberry Pi. The Raspbian operating system runs on an open-source Debian Linux software. Standard Raspbian interface has a modern look regarding high-resolution, functional change and the number of apps, games and other files support.

Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton had written in a blog post announcing the release of Raspbian OS prototype for x86 devices. He described the operating system as a clean, modern user-interface with a curated suite of productivity software and programming tools that are available for both free and proprietary versions. The Chromium web browser has useful plugins that include pre-installed Adobe Flash. And all of this is built on the top of Debian to provide instant access to thousands of free applications.

Pixel OS

The First Raspberry Pi Released in 2012

He wrote that the Pi edition of Pixel and translated version for bigger machines uses the same productivity software and programming tools in the same desktop environment. He also added that PIXEL OS would represent their best guess as to what the majority of users are looking for in the desktop environment.

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Eben Upton said that producing such a version of Pixel kept the foundation of Raspberry Pi “honest” as it would help the company’s coders work out what bits of the user-interface needed work. It is to note that the core software of Pixel designed work with vintage computer architecture and it is indeed any old computer would collaborate with the operating system. The founder also warned that the software was still experimental and so the user may face minor issues or bugs that might not run the software well on some machines.

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