Reliance Jio New Users Soon to Get 6-Series Mobile Numbers

Reliance Jio New Users Soon to Get 6-Series Mobile Numbers

In India, the fastest growing telecom network Reliance Jio is all set and ready to distribute 6-series mobile numbers in some circles.

Reliance Jio holds over 70 million customers currently and now set to have acquired the permission to roll out the mobile numbers beginning with the digit 6. The Department of Telecom (DoT) has permitted to distribute 6-series Mobile Switching Code (MSC) codes for the mobile numbers, with Reliance Jio being the only one given the permission so far.

Currently, in India, the mobile number series starts with either with 9,8, or 7. In the upcoming months, Reliance Jio new subscribers will be able to acquire numbers starting with the digit 6 in some circles.

Reliance Jio 6-Series Mobile Numbers

Reliance Jio 6-Series Mobile Numbers will be distributed in some circles such as Rajasthan, Assam, and Tamil Nadu & will be available in other circles soon.

According to a report from Telecom Talk, Reliance Jio has been permitted to issue 6-series mobile numbers in Rajasthan, Assam and Tamil Nadu. The telecom operator reportedly got 60010-60019 MSC codes in Rajasthan, 60020-60029 MSC codes in Assam and 60030-60039 in Tamil Nadu. Also in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, it received 7-series MSC codes, and in Kolkatta and Maharashtra, it received 8-series MSC codes.

Department of Telecom (DoT) says, “In consideration of the request of the service providers, the undersigned was directed to convey approval of competent authority Sr DDG (AS) for allotment of MSC codes.”

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The MSC codes allotted to each operator in different circles is some series which indicates the network operator’s identity. The first 5-digit in the mobile number is the MSC code distributed to the operator. The first part is the Mobile Country Code (MCC), and the other part is the Mobile Network Code (MNC). The MCC remains constant throughout the country, and the MNC varies from circle to circle.

In the rules and regulations of DoT, it is mentioned that a new series would be assigned to a carrier when they reach about 1 million subscribers in a particular region. It means that Jio has surpassed 1 million subscribers in the previously mentioned areas.

Reliance Jio is now a game changerĀ in the telecommunication industry by offering free calls, texts, and data to all customers until March 2017. Currently, Jio has reached 72.4 million subscribers as of December 31 since its commencement of operations on September 5. In just 83 days since its launch back Reliance Jio has crossed the 50 million subscribers milestone, adding an average of 6,00,000 customers a day.

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