Snapchat – Save your snaps into "Memories" and secure them

A new way of approach is taken by snapchat team to snap your photos and save it into a seperate folder called “Memories”. This is a new feature which now exist in snapchat¬†just at the bottom left of your screen.

Snapchat implemented this feature to save your memorable moment and personal snaps into a seperate folder named memories. This let you view all your favourite moments in your life.

Snapchat’s “Memories”

Snapchat Memories

In order to view your snaps just swipe upwards and have a look at your snapped photos and lovely moments in an another folder. The primary motivation of this step is to create new stories from your snaps and combine with different stories you are willing for. Snapchat’s memorable feature let you bring different approach from the old. If you are celebrating someone’s birthday and you can create some stories from your snaps and combine them to have more fun with their memories.

You can also share this snaps from memories to a friend or even post them to your story.

Have a look at this video tutorial to know more about it.

Secure your Snaps

This lets you spread love and share the happiest moment with your close friend or relation. Your snaps are not saved to your phone’s album where they securely protect your photos and not letting them away from your snapchat album.

Enjoy using this feature and share your happiest moment.

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