AIADMK Ministries Urges Sasikala To Immediately Take Charge As Tamil Nadu CM

AIADMK Ministries Urges Sasikala to Immediately Charge As Tamil Nadu CM

Chennai: With two days after taking charge as the General SecretaryAIADMK Ministries Urges Sasikala Natarajan to take charge as Tamil Nadu CM immediately. 

AIADMK MP and the Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Thambidurai released a four-page statement that mentioned the leadership and government had to be the same for the development and progress of the party and the state.

The report cited by the MP issued to the media said that the country is about to face the parliamentary election within two years and our party AIADMK has to effectively function to get the wholehearted support from the people to continue to win the election as done by the former CM MG Ramachandran and J Jayalalitha. And so he requested Sasikala to immediately take over the charge of the government of Tamil Nadu as the chief minister.

Tamil Nadu CM

VK Sasikala Holds The Office Of Acting General Secretory

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He also stated that he firmly believe as it is important that Sasikala has to take on the responsibility of the CM of Tamil Nadu. She has to take over the party and carry on the governance of Tamil Nadu for the welfare of the people, he added.

Udayakumar, the Revenue Minister and Ponnaiyan, AIADMK spokesperson had also made a similar call for Sasikala to assume for the charge of the government as the CM.

It was not the first time that the AIADMK has asked Sasikala to take over the CM post. Although, Sasikala has never held any public office or consent earlier.

Presently Mr Panneerselvam is residing at the post of CM of Tamil Nadu who has the history of holding the office as CM twice and as the finance minister of the party.

Previously the spokesperson of the party S Ponnaiyan has also repeatedly asked for Sasikala to become the new CM. He requested that both the party and state should be taken in charge by the leader as it was the only nature of the Dravidian parties.

Tamil Nadu CM

MP Thambidurai During A Press Meet Requested Sasikala To Take Over The Post Of Tamil Nadu CM

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On taking charge as the CM since December 5th, Pannerselvam himself has found supportive to Sasikala. He had mentioned on the local daily that Sasikala was suitable for the role of CM.

The party had retired the general secretary post held by Jayalalitha after her death, and the party embers appointed Sasikala as the acting general secretary. It was the highest position in AIADMK, and she would hold the office until the regular party election.

However, the party rules state that the candidate for the top post must be an AIADMK member for five years. Sasikala has expelled from the party by the former CM of Tamil Nadu in 2011, and she rejoined in 2012. Expected that the party would amend the bylaws before the elections.

Sasikala was the close aide of the formal CM of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalitha since 1980’s. She was 60 years old who has taken the party affairs earlier although she had never held any official positions in the party.

After two months of hospitalisation, Madam J Jayalalitha died while in the ruling period. Sasikala was the one who performed the last rites and now seen as her replacement.

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