Three Calling Apps Can Change Your Android Phone’s Boring Dialer

Three Calling Apps Can Change Your Android Phone’s Boring Dialer

Nowadays we use smartphones for much more than just making calls. The default dialer apps is mostly ignored by the mobile companies in every year on their software updates. There can be a lot of innovations be done on the dialer by which we can use the app in a smarter way. However, there are lots of third-party calling apps available on Google Play Store for the Android users, which can make the mobile calling an interesting one.

While we search for calling apps in Google Play Store, plenty of apps will be displayed. The fact of the matter is that most of them will be either too old or not unique in any way. Most of the apps will only change the calling looks of the dialer. Only a few apps are available in the play store which actually helps to improve phone calls and add functionality to the app.

On the base of the reviews and recommendations given to the app in the Google play store, the unique top calling apps, which make a difference to users is listed below. Out of the lot, the following three calling apps will be worth installing on your smartphone.

Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer

Truecaller is the king of third-party calling dialer app, which is functional for many reasons. Truecaller fills the name of the unknown callers from its database into the call logs. It blocks spam calls pretty accurately.

While making phone calls, there will be tiny green dots available in the user interface which indicates that the person is ready to take phone calls. If a red dot is displayed, then the person is busy on another call or their phone is in DND mode.

Calling Apps

Truecaller app mainly blocks spam calls accurately and also displays the name of unknown callers by searching from its database.

We can ask the person to call us back when they are free, and they will get a notification once they are available.

Truecaller app also has swiping gestures feature to quickly initiate a call or text message. We can also choose a dark theme if we prefer.

Truecaller constantly keeps on updating the user interface of the app and regularly adds new features. The only drawback of this app is the in-app ads feature which can also be removed by paying Rs.60 per month. As it’s a monthly subscription, it is a little bit expensive for the users.

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Contacts Phone Dialer: Drupe

The drupe is a multi-functional dialer app with an attractive interface. We can drag people to frequently used modes of communication by using this calling app. We can drag a contact and drop it to say, the Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger icon in Drupe by which we can open up a chat with that person directly.

Calling Apps

Drupe Dialer allows the user to drag the contacts to frequently used modes of communication within the app.

Drupe also has additional features such as sending SMSs, setting reminders, and connecting with many more apps. It also has a built-in call recording feature.

For some reasons, there is a built-in calculator available in the dial pad. Drupe also supports several gestures for quick access and actions. There is a theme store present in the app which can be used to change the appearance according to our liking.

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Hangouts Dialer – Call Phones

The Hangouts dialer app is an add-on to the forgotten Hangouts messaging service from Google. It is one of the top apps because by using this dialer app we can make free calls to US and Canada.

Calling Apps

Hangouts Dialer is mostly used to make free calls to US and Canada

This alone makes it a good enough reason to install and use it on mobiles. It will be a great app for those who have relatives or friends living in US and Canada.

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