Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps Of The Year 2016

The hunt for the best of the best doesn’t halt with the Apps. Android Applications developed are multitudinous. These are Android apps available are for every need of the users. Play Store has a vast collection of apps which may fall under free or paid version category. An increase in the number of application available in the Play Store increases will increase the time for you to pick the best out of it. But we never thought to leave you in such a tragic state. Rather we would let you know the best-paid apps. So get into to know the top 10 best paid Android apps of the year 2016 from this article.

Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps Of The Year 2016:

Paid version will be more efficient such that allowing the user to use more of the features without any adds. Also, there will be some regular updates and bug fixes from the developer. The top 10 best paid Android apps of the year with its glimpse are listed. They are carefully chosen all from various categories of application available in the Play Store. I’m sure that these best paid Android apps would satisfy your app hunts.

1. Nova Launcher Prime [$4.99]

Have you ever tried searching for the best launcher for your Android devices? Then Nova Launcher Prime will meet all your needs. It is the best of the best launcher that lets you unlock the extra features that were not available with the standard version. Nova Launcher Prime has features that include gesture controls that let you work easy, get the unread message counts with unread count badges, create a tab or folder with custom drawer groups, hide apps that you never use, more of scroll effects, swipe icon by customising and much more.

Best Paid Android Apps

Nova Launcher Prime

2. Newton [$49.99/Year]

I’m sure that Newton is one best paid Android apps makes the best pair for those who use emails still. Newton is an email client application that allows you to log into multiple email accounts and access them simultaneously. All you need to do is to create an account in Newton and from there login to all your emails. Features are in numbers that include instant push notification, know the read-status with read receipts, snooze your mail until you need to read, send later allows you send scheduled mail. There are even options to undo send that lets you pull back the mail you regret mailing, know more specific details about the people who mail you with sender profile, attach files and save email attachments in the cloud and more.

Best Paid Android Apps


3. Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera [$2.06]

Love selfies? Then Dactyl is all you needed for your Android. Now click with your fingerprint quickly with Dactyl app. No need to wait or struggle while capturing the photos are videos. Use your fingerprint impression to take photos. Dactyl acts a shutter button while taking photos, selfies and videos. It works with any camera app that is available on your Android phone. Dactyl is one best paid Android camera app available in the store.

Best Paid Android Apps


4. Flamingo For Twitter [$1.35]

Flamingo is a third-party Twitter client application that provides you with the experience as of Twitter. It has got great customizable interface and material design. Features include switching between various accounts and using themes for each of them individually, swipe pages to close them, preview the profile pages and images by long press, play GIFs inline and add themes to your tweets quickly.  Other fun features include streaming, mutes, schedule tweets, background synchronisation and more.

Best Paid Android Apps

Flamingo For Twitter

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5. MX Player Pro [$5.99]

Are you searching for the best android video player? Then you would have surely known about MX Player free version. It is still the best video player in the store. MX Player Pro is an ad-free version that allows you to watch videos without any ad pop-ups. It has features that include advanced HW+ acceleration, multi-core decoding, pinch to zoom and pan while watching the videos, child lock allows watching videos without any distractions, multiple subtitle support and more.

Best Paid Android Apps

MX Player Pro

6. Weather Timeline-Forecast [$1.25]

There are lots of weather forecasting apps available, but Weather Timeline-Forecast is known for its uniqueness from other forecasting apps. The user-interface made the app famous around the world. It provides information for the next hour, next 48 hours and next week too. Shows all the details in a timeline forecast, graphs and charts or table layout so that you could get the weather conditions instantly. Weather alerts and warnings are available for your desired location making it simple. You could find about the weather condition of a year in advance or check what was the weather state years ago quickly.

Best Paid Android Apps

Weather Timeline-Forecast

7. Moon+ Reader Pro [$4.86]

Reading is a passion for the book lovers. If you love reading, then Moon+ Reader is the best app that has unbound features within it. It is an ad-free version that works faster and smoother. It supports all the popular formats including pdf and features include shake the phone to speak, tilt to turn pages, headset and Bluetooth keys control, highlight, annotations and bookmarks, password protection, night mode themes and more. Supports online ebook libraries, calibre-ebook server and much more.

Best Paid Android Apps

Moon+ Reader Pro

8. Titanium Backup PRO Key [$6.09]

Any Android device requires an app to backup the data. Titanium Backup PRO Key is the best among all other backup application. This app will secure all the information and sent data to your mail. You could import from the cloud storage by synchronising. Also, there are features with which you could freeze, restore, save files. Enhanced security for both the internal and external memory is available. With Titanium Backup PRO Key you could backup the app for any number of times. This app works on the rooted device.

Best Paid Android Apps

Titanium Backup PRO Key

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9. Pocket Casts [$3.99]

Podcast lovers will come across many podcasts application. One noteworthy podcast app for any Android device with the highest standard and design is the Pocket Casts application. An easy to use application with a powerful playback option and rich material design. Notable features like trim silence, video to audio toggle, volume boost, cast to chrome cast, set a sleep timer, etc., made Pocket Casts still stand on the top. Smart tool options like synchronisation, refresh, notification, custom filters and much more are available with Pocket Casts. Together all made it a distinct podcast application from all other podcasts.

Best Paid Android Apps

Pocket Casts

10. Pause [$1.99]

With varying circumstances, one needs time to relax. Let out the stress with Pause app. It was designed based on the ancient Tai Chi and mindfulness practice. Increase your focus and attention with the Pause installed on our Android phone. Digital technique cum ancient principle is the package of Pause app. Follow the dot around the screen with the fingertip. Just see how your stress gets out from you within minutes. Pause is scientifically tested and validated with EEG technology.

Best Paid Android Apps


So here is the go. Try out these Best Paid Android Apps 2016 and let us know from your comments which one is the best out of all.

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