Free Proxy Sites – Top 125 Best Free Proxy Servers List 2016

Free proxy sites: Surfing the internet from home differs from offices, schools, colleges, government offices and any other public places there are a lot of restrictions imposed by the network. In such cases, the user only has two options,

One – Get the Administrative Rights.(Well, you know the answer to that)

Two – Enjoying the error free access through these VPN or Proxy servers.

But the possibilities are very minimum to get proper access. For accessing these blocked sites, you can use both proxies and VPN services. It hides IP Address to prevent the identity and location of the individuals. Likewise, this service used to access sites banned in a particular geographic area. Many VPN provides both Proxy as well as VPN(Virtual Private Network) Services.You can also use many free/paid proxy sites at little to no charge. Android users try these Top VPN Apps for free proxy sites.

free proxy sites

free proxy sites

Difference B/W VPN and Proxy:

A VPN works by creating a security tunnel for the respective User and Internet. Here both the parties know each other to ensure authentication
A proxy performs the operation on behalf of the user. User’s identity hidden from the Internet only the proxy information is visible.

Top Free/Paid 5 VPN’s:

  1. Total VPN
  2. Cyber Ghost
  3. Tunnel Bear
  4. Windscribe
  5. VPN Gate

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