Twitter user can now upload 15MB GIF FIle from a desktop Computer

A Twitter user has some absolute limit to upload animated GIF (Graphical Interchange Format) images on their account from a desktop. The uploading GIF limit is 5MB but as of now micro-blogging website Twitter has increased its support to upload large files in their account. A Twitter user can now upload 15MB GIF file from a desktop Computer.

Twitter user can now upload 15MB GIF file

Upload 15 MB GIF images

The limit exceeds only for the desktop user but not for the mobile users. Mobile users limit stays the same for uploading photo and GIF images of file size up to 5MB.

The change is made only for the desktop users who upload GIF pictures, and there is no change in a limit of uploading photos. The size limit exceeds three times from their original size in a desktop.

But this update is not made for Tweet Deck. Enjoy using 15MB GIF sized image uploading in your Twitter.

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