Wearables Computing Market Grows in Q4 as Gadget Evolve – IDC

Wearables Computing Market Grows in Q4 as Gadget Evolve – IDC

According to figures released on Thursday, by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the global market for “wearables” devices such as smartwatches, software-infused ear pieces, and fitness trackers is growing strong.

According to the report of IDC Worldwide Wearable Device Tracker, in the final three months of last year, shipments of such wearable gadgets hit a new quarterly high of 33.9 million units and were from 25 percent to 102.4 million for the entire year.

The report indicated that the wearables market is growing strong as device develop gradually from serving sole purposes such as tracking how far the user walks to gather more detailed health data and also having telecommunications service connections instead of depending on being synchronized to the smartphone.

Wearables market to grow

Ramon Llama, the IDC wearables research manager, has said in a report, “Health and fitness stays a primary focus, but once these wearable devices become connected to a cellular network, expect a unique application and communications capabilities has to become available.”

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“This will also solve another fundamental issue: freeing the device from the smartphone, creating a standalone experience.”

According to the reports, new contenders including companies known for fashion or with specialties such as entering a market and monitoring with established major players such as Apple and Google.

Jitesh Ubrani, the IDC senior research manager, said that with the entrance of multiple new companies with strengths in different industries, the wearables computing market is expected to maintain a positive outlook, though much of its growth is coming from businesses that push rather than consumer demand.

According to IDC, improved shipments of ear-worn devices are referred to as “hearable’s” in the report and clothing made with sensors woven in, while it is relatively tiny, showed promise that the wearables market is becoming more than just the wrist-worn devices.

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Fitbit continued to dominate the market, losing ground but in the final quarter of last year, it is holding on to 19.2 percent of the market. While Xiaomi company’s “relentless growth” nearly doubled to 15.2 percent in its share. The IDC report says that Apple was in third place with its smartwatch which proved to be an excellent success for the company and accounted for 13.6 percent of the market during the quarter.

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