WhatsApp In Android Likely To Get GIF Library & Increased Media Sharing Limit

WhatsApp In Android Likely To Get GIF Library & Increased Media Sharing Limit

Whatsapp is likely to get a new Graphics Interchange Format (GIF ) library sooner with an additional media sharing limit increased from current 10 to 30 files on the Android platform.

The beta version 2.17.6 for Android has got the two new features already. And an iOS users have got the GIF support from within the app in November 2016.

However, the Android users could send and receive emojis only if they have them stored on their device. Now the Android users could access Giphy library (TENOR for some of the users) from within the WhatsApp app, and it could be shared with friends.

Tap on the emoji icon next to the text bar to access the GIF image. You could see the GIF image available at the bottom of the smiley window once after the update.WhatsApp

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The GIF section on WhatsApp has a lot of popular GIF sharing options that are available on Giphy. The user could even search for related GIFs using keywords, select the option, and send it to the WhatsApp users.

Expected that the addition of the GIF library would add to the numbers rising with WhatsApp users in India and would also increase the engagement time on the app.

With the enhanced media file sharing feature, the new limit of 30 files would indeed turn the frown upside down for many of the users who found frustrated with the earlier limit of 10.

Media sharing is also supposed to see a rise after the feature goes live.

Other reports and leaks suggested that WhatsApp would also work on the new ‘Status’ tab update, which allows users to share Stories in this space, similar to that of how it works on the Snapchat.

WhatsApp users could see how many of their friends have seen their Stories, and just like the Snapchat, these stories would disappear after 24 hours.

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