“Your Thumb Is Your Bank” With BHIM App-PM Modi Launched The Digital Payment App

“Your Thumb Is Your Bank” With BHIM App-PM Modi Launched The Digital Transaction App For The Country

With the end of 50th day of demonetisation deadline, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched BHIM, an Aadhar-based mobile payment application. The BHIM app was launched by PM Modi at Digi Dhan Melan in Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi On Friday 30th December 2016 as a promotion towards the digital transaction.

BHIM is an abbreviation of Bharat Interface for Money which is the re-branded version of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) & Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).

The BHIM app was introduced to make the online transaction or e-transactions easier without the internet. The app has launched as an aid towards the Digital India.

On the occasion of BHIM launch, PM Modi said BHIM app works with the thumb impression, and the app was very simple to use.

Your Thumb Is Your Bank Now

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The payment through the BHIM app uses of biometric fingerprint and would begin in India within two weeks of time.

The PM Modi said that the government was working towards the launch of new security feature with which transactions could be made even without the phone or internet.

BHIM app can be used with a smartphone or the feature phone of Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000. The app only needs a thumb and works without the internet connection, said the PM.

There was a time when an illiterate had called ‘angutha chchap‘ but the time has changed. Now “your thumb is your bank” and has become your identity now, said the PM.

The PM Modi dedicated the new app BHIM to Dr BR Ambedkar and said, the mantra of Dr BR Ambedkar was to work towards the upliftment of the poor, and the biggest power of technology is to empower the poor.



He also mentioned that observers could see a two-pronged strategy behind the government-sponsored mobile wallet naming after Ambedkar.

While money lost in scams during the United Progressive Alliance’s regime created headlines, but the entire nation was talking about the cash re-entering the system, he said.

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From three years ago, look at the newspaper and video clips, the news was all about the money we lost in scams. But today what has come back and how much we gained, Modi added.

The PM Modi also stated that India has still got the potential to become the proverbial ‘sone ki chidiya’ (means bird of gold), a title once India held. Boosting the nation towards the digital connectivity would do wonder for the country, he added that it was just the matter of time before the monetary transaction turned entirely digital.

PM Modi called the Lucky Grahak Yojana and DigiDhan Vyapar Yojana as his government’s Christmas gift to the nation. He mentioned that several prices would be given to people through lucky draws of worth Rs 1,000 each for next 100 days and the mega draw will hold on April 14th, the birth anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar.

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